Screen Agnostic Storytellers

Alliance for Quality Home Nursing Care

This issue advocacy ad for the Alliance for Quality Home Nursing Care is an example of the work we do with trade associations, pac, and interest groups who have a desire to move public opinion on an issue before Congress. More


Persuasion isn't just for traditional political campaigns. SPM has extensive experience working with businesses to influence public policy. More

Roy Blunt

SPM helped Sen. Blunt successfully define his opponent, a member of a prominent Missouri political family, as weak on illegal immigration and fully on board with President Obama's agenda. More


Our expertise is not just for political candidates. We worked with Boeing on a campaign to push back against an attempted unionization of their South Carolina plant. More

Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp is Georgia's Secretary of State who made his signature issues protecting the sanctity of the ballot and making it easier for deployed members of the military to vote. More

President George W. Bush

While in recent years many are more familiar with our work for Governor Romney, SPM was also an integral part of both George W. Bush presidential election victories. More

Chris Christie

SPM helped Chris Christie beat an independently wealthy sitting governor in the deep blue state of New Jersey. More

Coats for Senate

Senator Dan Coats faced off with Secretary of State Joe Hogsett, a rising star in Indiana politics, in one of the most hotly contested elections in the country. Hogsett made a pledge to finish out the term he had been appointed to, and this ad found a memorable way to remind voters that Hogsett was going back on his word. Senator Dan Coats faced off with Secretary of State Joe Hogsett, a rising star in Indiana politics, in one of the most hotly contested elections in the country. More

Thad Cochran

Thad Cochran faced the toughest Republican primary in 2014. More

Mary Fallin

Governor Mary Fallin ran for reelection with a positive story to tell about her first term in office: cutting taxes, balancing budgets, and leading Oklahoma through natural disasters. More


We worked with Freeman on the Republican National Conventions in 2000, 2004 & 2012 & enjoyed our collaboration. As their 90th anniversary approached we were honored to partner with Sellers Easton Media to help them tell their story- from the Freeman Decorating Company to today- a global leader in Brand Experience with over 7,000 employees worldwide. More

Congressman Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm won and held a swing district based in Staten Island, New York. More

Guardian Fund

SPM works not only directly with candidates, but also with PACs like the Guardian Fund, which supported Mia Love's successful, historic run for Congress. More

Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour ran and won against an incumbent Democratic governor. More

Health Management Associates

- More

Governor Larry Hogan

SPM helped Larry Hogan win the biggest upset of the year by winning the Maryland governor's race. More

Asa Hutchinson

SPM helped Asa Hutchinson win a resounding victory in the Arkansas gubernatorial election. More

Johnny Isakson

SPM has helped Johnny Isakson win two senate races in Georgia by showing he is in touch with the values of the people he represents. More

Dick Lugar

During the Cold War and the years that followed the demise of the Soviet Union, Dick Lugar was a leading foreign policy voice in the United States Senate. More

Mel Martinez

Mel Martinez ran for Senate in the tumultuous period following 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. More

Mike Chaney

Mike Chaney is Mississippi's Insurance Commissioner. This ad won a "Silver Pollie" award for Best Television Advertisement for a Downballot Statewide." More

Naval Academy Primary School

NAPS is a great school in Annapolis, Maryland where SPM is headquartered. We had a lot of fun working with NAPS and showing no matter the type of organization, we can make greats ads to tell your story. More

Sam Olens

The race for Attorney General in Georgia came down to a fight over who was willing to fight back against Obama Administration overreach. More

The Pebble Partnership

The Pebble Partnership was formed to help educate the public on the environmental and economic benefits of the proposed Pebble Mine in Southwestern Alaska. More

Rob Portman

Rob Portman faced the sitting Lt. Governor of Ohio in a critical swing state battle that would help decide the balance of power in the Senate. More

National Association of Realtors

We work with the National Association of Realtors, America's largest trade association, on their issue advocacy and independent expenditure campaigns. More

Renewable Fuels Association

Ethanol is a contentious issue, and the Renewable Fuels Association hired us to help explain the benefits of ethanol to our economy and environment. More

Republican Governor's Assocation

SPM helped the Republican Governors Associate reelect Governor of Maine Paul LePage in one of the most difficult races in the country. More

Tom Ridge

Despite being the underdog, Tom Ridge won the race for governor of Pennsylvania by showing he was Republican with appeal in a Democratic-leaning area of the state. More

Mitt Romney

SPM served as Mitt Romney's strategy and media production firm and successfully guided his campaign to the Republican nomination. More


The Republican State Leadership Committee does great work building the Republican party in down ticket races. More

Strategic Partners & Media

Some of the work we've done for ourselves, including a light-hearted holiday video featuring our staff, and a demo reel of some of our best spots. More

Our Corporate Demo Reel

A quick demo spot showing some of our work and abilities. More

Our Political Demo Reel

A quick demo spot showing some of our work and abilities. More

Elise Stefanik

SPM helped guide Elise Stefanik to victory in New York's 21st Congressional District. More


We don't always just do political advocacy. This ad for Subaru was a traditional commercial television ad with a memorable, light hearted style. More

Kathy Szeliga

Kathy Szeliga is the GOP nominee for Senate in Maryland. We used her unique life story and personal interests to show her as an outsider that will shake up Washington. More

UCLA Extension Program

Our firm's core is storytelling, and while that usually means political causes, SPM has also worked for clients in other sectors. More


As a screen agnostic firm, we are familiar with the challenges of reaching people who jump between traditional tv and their computers and mobile devices. More

Roger Wicker

Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Roger Wicker's senate campaign needed to tell the story of what he was doing to help. More