We win campaigns with creativity, grit, and tons of experience

Larry Hogan

To kick off Governor Hogans' re-election campaign, we focused on his successful first term and his many accomplishments. From working across the aisle, to providing Maryland’s schools with the highest funding ever, Governor Hogan has proven time and again that he is has what it takes to keep “Maryland Strong.” More

Windsurfing - Bush-Cheney '04

2005 Gold Pollie - Television - Presidential General Election More

National Association of Realtors

We work with the National Association of Realtors, America’s largest trade association, on their issue advocacy and independent expenditure campaigns. Our ads for NAR range from 15 second digital to traditional 30 second television advertisements. Whatever the needs of our clients, we create custom strategies to get the job done. More

Squeaky - Larry Hogan for Governor

2019 Gold Pollie - Best TV Ad for Governor (for any party) More

Kate - Johnny Isakson


Ella Beth - Asa Hutchinson for Governor


The Pitch - The 2004 Republican National Convention

2005 Gold Pollie - Television - Best Non-Broadcast Video More

Jaymi - Larry Hogan for Governor

2014 Gold Pollie - Internet Advertising/Best Use of Voter Matched Video More

Only One - Senator Roy Blunt

2017 Bronze Pollie - TV - Candidate Division - Best Use of Negative or Contrast More

Independent - Elise Stefanik for Congress

Golden Elephant Award - Television Excellence: Candidate - Congressional More

Working for Maine - Governor LePage for RGA

2014 Bronze Pollie - Best Television IE More

Telling It Like It Is - Chris Christie

2015 Gold Pollie - Best Web Video for a Presidential Candidate More

The Boot - Mike Chaney for Insurance Commissioner

2015 Silver Pollie - Best Television Advertising for a Down Ballot Statewide More

Mike Chaney

Mike Chaney is Mississippi’s Insurance Commissioner. This ad won a “Silver Pollie” award for Best Television Advertisement for a Downballot Statewide." It’s a unique ad explaining what the Insurance Commissioner does to improve quality of life for Mississippians, and reminds voters of Commissioner Chaney’s opposition to Obamacare in a memorable way. More

Resume - NRSC (FL - anti-Patrick Murphy)

2017 Bronze Pollie - TV - Candidate Division - Independent Expenditure Campaign - U.S. Senate More

Heart of America - National Association of Manufacturers

2018 Bronze Telly - Craft-Writing for Regional TV More

Puerto Rico First

Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory over 100 years ago. Over that time, Puerto Rico has developed a strong sense of patriotism and military service. The people of Puerto Rico are now advocating for statehood - so that they may compete, prosper, and pay it’s fair share as the 51st state. More

Strategic Partners & Media

Some of the work we’ve done for ourselves, including a light-hearted holiday video featuring our staff, and a demo reel of some of our best spots. At SPM, we’re proud of the work we do for our clients, our record of success, and the level of dedication we bring to every project. More

Sam Olens

The race for Attorney General in Georgia came down to a fight over who was willing to fight back against Obama Administration overreach. Sam Olens was able to a draw a distinct contrast with his opponent, defining him as weak on opposing the Affordable Care Act. More

Dick Lugar

During the Cold War and the years that followed the demise of the Soviet Union, Dick Lugar was a leading foreign policy voice in the United States Senate. Connecting issues like nuclear arms reduction to the lives of voters can be a challenge, and featuring a mother speaking about her child and the world she wants for him to inherit is an effective way to do it. More

Health Management Associates


Mel Martinez

Mel Martinez ran for Senate in the tumultuous period following 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. In the run-up to the election, terrorism and national security were top voter concerns in the swing state of Florida. We helped Mel both define his opponent as weak on national security while reassuring Florida seniors he would protect their Social Security benefits and fight for less expensive prescription drugs. More

Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp is Georgia’s Secretary of State who made his signature issues protecting the sanctity of the ballot and making it easier for deployed members of the military to vote. In a down ballot race, it’s important to stand out from the crowd, and Sec. Kemp’s background as a small businessman who cut his own pay as Secretary of State helps show he is not the usual politician. More


Persuasion isn’t just for traditional political campaigns. SPM has extensive experience working with businesses to influence public policy. This ad was aimed at persuading the Florida legislature to update their long-distance call regulations. More

Mary Fallin

Governor Mary Fallin ran for reelection with a positive story to tell about her first term in office: cutting taxes, balancing budgets, and leading Oklahoma through natural disasters. This ad touched on her accomplishments, and makes a persuasive case that she deserved a second term in office. More


As a screen agnostic firm, we are familiar with the challenges of reaching people who jump between traditional television and their computers and mobile devices. This ad explained how “precision i.d.” Verizon’s Precision Market Insights would help their clients better target their advertising while maintaining consumer privacy. More


The Republican State Leadership Committee does great work building the Republican party in down ticket races. Over the years, we’ve done a significant amount of work for them making high quality ads to help their candidates win. More

Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm won and held a swing district based in Staten Island, New York. Congressman Grimm’s actions in the wake of Hurricane Sandy were a focal point of his reelection, and we featured in an ad a real Staten Islander whom Rep. Grimm directly affected in a positive way. More

Haley Barbour

Haley Barbour ran and won against an incumbent Democratic governor. Gov. Barbour had made his career in Washington while maintaining a home in Mississippi. His greatest challenge was to rebut charges that he was a Washington lobbyist coming home to buy an election. This ad helped show Haley Barbour as a Mississippian, through and through. More


We worked with Freeman on the Republican National Conventions in 2000, 2004 & 2012 & enjoyed our collaboration. As their 90th anniversary approached we were honored to partner with Sellers Easton Media to help them tell their story- from the Freeman Decorating Company to today- a global leader in Brand Experience with over 7,000 employees worldwide. More

The Pebble Partnership

The Pebble Partnership was formed to help educate the public on the environmental and economic benefits of the proposed Pebble Mine in Southwestern Alaska. Our ad helped simplify the issue and explain the thorough nature of the environmental and regulatory review process the Mine would have to complete before moving forward. More

Guardian Fund

SPM works not only directly with candidates, but also with PACs like the Guardian Fund, which supported Mia Love’s successful, historic run for Congress. More

Kathy Szeliga

Kathy Szeliga is the GOP nominee for Senate in Maryland. We used her unique life story and personal interests to show her as an outsider that will shake up Washington. Kathy’s combination of legislative and real world experience makes her an appealing candidate in the year of the political outsider. More

Renewable Fuels Association

Ethanol is a contentious issue, and the Renewable Fuels Association hired us to help explain the benefits of ethanol to our economy and environment. This ad shows ethanol is not just an “Iowa issue,” but a nationwide source of energy. More

Dan Coats

Senator Dan Coats faced off with Secretary of State Joe Hogsett, a rising star in Indiana politics, in one of the most hotly contested elections in the country. Hogsett made a pledge to finish out the term he had been appointed to, and this ad found a memorable way to remind voters that Hogsett was going back on his word. More

Tom Ridge

Despite being the underdog, Tom Ridge won the race for governor of Pennsylvania by showing he was Republican with appeal in a Democratic-leaning area of the state. His profile as a kid from humble roots who served in the military helped demonstrate his connection to the blue collar voters he needed to win. More

UCLA Extension Program

Our firm’s core is storytelling, and while that usually means political causes, SPM has also worked for clients in other sectors. This ad for UCLA is about encouraging adults to better themselves through education. More


We don’t always just do political advocacy. This ad for Subaru was a traditional commercial television ad with a memorable, light hearted style. Another example of we can meet the needs of any client from Fortune 500 companies to the smallest non-profit. More

Naval Academy Primary School

NAPS is a great school in Annapolis, Maryland where SPM is headquartered. We had a lot of fun working with NAPS and showing no matter the type of organization, we can make greats ads to tell your story. More

Alliance for Quality Home Nursing Care

This issue advocacy ad for the Alliance for Quality Home Nursing Care is an example of the work we do with trade associations, pac, and interest groups who have a desire to move public opinion on an issue before Congress. More

Roger Wicker

Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Roger Wicker’s senate campaign needed to tell the story of what he was doing to help. “Wind vs. water” was a major issue on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Sen. Wicker’s effort to fix the problem was a critical selling point for his reelection. More

Asa Hutchinson

To launch Governor Hutchinson’s re-election campaign, SPM crafted a series of ads to highlight the achievements made during his time in office - such as lowering income taxes by $150 million - and to share Governor Hutchinson’s message that there is much more to be done in Arkansas. More

President George W. Bush

While in recent years many are more familiar with our work for Governor Romney, SPM was also an integral part of both George W. Bush presidential election victories. We were proud to fight for then Governor Bush in one of the closest presidential election in our history, defeating incumbent Vice President Al Gore. We helped President Bush defy the odds and defeat Senator John Kerry. We are still particularly proud of the “Windsurfing” ad that helped define Sen. More

Rob Portman

Rob Portman faced the sitting Lt. Governor of Ohio in a critical swing state battle that would help decide the balance of power in the Senate. SPM worked with Rob to relentlessly focus on the failed job creation record of his opponent and to contrast it with the “Portman Plan for Ohio Jobs.” More

Mitt Romney

SPM is thrilled to work with Mitt Romney again. This time in his campaign for the U.S. Senate. Asserting that “America’s best days are ahead,” Romney pledges to be the strong voice that Utah needs and deserves. More

Thad Cochran

Thad Cochran faced the toughest Republican primary in 2014. Facing a well-funded challenger in a year of deep unrest with incumbents across the country, SPM helped Thad pull off a victory in the primary run-off when most of the political punditry had left the campaign for dead. SPM helped Thad refocus the race away from “insider vs outsider” and towards reminding Mississippi voters how much Thad had accomplished for them and how he would use his powerful position in the Senate to oppose the Obama Administration. More

Chris Christie

SPM helped Chris Christie beat an independently wealthy sitting governor in the deep blue state of New Jersey. Christie ran on his experience as a prosecutor and clear pledges to stop the Corzine tax hikes. Governor Christie won a landslide reelection victory by focusing on the progress made, promises kept, and the bipartisan manner of his signature achievements. More

Our Corporate Demo Reel

A quick demo spot showing some of our work and abilities. More

Our Political Demo Reel

A quick demo spot showing some of our work and abilities. More

Elise Stefanik

SPM helped guide Elise Stefanik to victory in New York’s 21st Congressional District. Elise’s race was unique as she was 29 years old when she entered the race and 30 years old on election day. Elise’s focus on serious issues, jobs and Obamacare replacement chief among them, helped convince voters she was qualified for the job even at her young age. Elise is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. More

Republican Governor's Assocation

SPM helped the Republican Governors Association reelect Governor of Maine Paul LePage in one of the most difficult races in the country. Maine is Democrat leaning state, and Gov. LePage fought tough fights with the legislature in his first term. SPM helped the RGA remind Maine voters that Gov. LePage came to office as a businessman, not a politician, and had kept the promises he made to the voters. In Georgia, Jason Carter, the grandson of President Jimmy Carter, made a strong push to defeat Republican Governor Nathan Deal. More

Johnny Isakson

SPM has helped Johnny Isakson win two senate races in Georgia by showing he is in touch with the values of the people he represents. Our “Friday Night Lights” ad featuring Johnny at a high school football helped show he is not a creature of Washington but a Georgian who comes home every weekend. More

Roy Blunt

SPM helped Sen. Blunt successfully define his opponent, a member of a prominent Missouri political family, as weak on illegal immigration and fully on board with President Obama’s agenda. He beat back attacks on his record by highlighting a positive agenda for economic growth including a payroll tax cut. By making the race about his opponent’s allegiance to an unpopular President and presenting an affirmative case for why he should be elected, Roy Blunt won a resounding victory. More


Our expertise is not just for political candidates. We worked with Boeing on a campaign to push back against an attempted unionization of their South Carolina plant. We featured real Boeing employees speaking about why they loved their jobs and did not want or need outside interference. More