Get out of the Beltway and into the Bay! But don’t let the sails fool you, our Annapolis firm has the most experienced and seasoned Republican campaign strategy, message, and media consultants in the business. We tell the stories that change minds and win races. Not only do we work on the most competitive races across the country, we also work with Fortune 100 brands that can benefit from our campaign playbook.

One thing to be clear on: when we say, “we work”, we mean it. SPM isn’t structured like a typical ad agency with account managers - our team and our work is fully integrated. So, even if this is your first job out of college, you can work directly with the man who helped orchestrate the biggest upset of 2014, and a redhead who’s reshaping the Republican party’s messaging to women voters.

If you’re ready to work hard in a fast-paced environment and be proud of the work you’re doing, apply today.

Production Coordinator

Digital Intern

Graphic Designer/Content Coordinator

SVG Modal background